Resin Gifts which are sure to Impress

Resin Gifts which are sure to Impress

Would you believe it if someone told you that Resin is strong and durable? Or if your resin products get wet, its waterproof and can be clean / wipe with a damp cloth?

Sounds Amazing, doesn't it?

Its a perfect gift for someone special and its a product that is also food safe.


1. Resin Trays

Can you imagine using these elegant pieces as your Centerpiece, Serving Tray or Vanity Tray? Its a great hand poured item that adds a unique look to every product making it one of a kind. The best thing about handmade pieces is its uniqueness which makes it just a perfect gift.

2. Resin Coasters

A very exquisite product will make a statement to your decor and would be the eye catcher on any table. They add personality to any room and can be used for any beverage hot or cold. 

3. Resin Clocks

An elegant and stunning piece where ever you display it. It can be hung on the wall or put on an easel, mantle or bookshelf.  A perfect size looks great in any room.

Is there a better product than Resin?

From Resin Caddy to coasters to resin trinkets, you can't miss with resin gifts. You've seen some of the best gift ideas here. Visit us for more products that you'll want to put on your gift giving ideas list.

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